Pacha needs your help in planting seeds for Youth Leadership!

Pacha is the heroine in an awesome book called Pacha’s Pajamas, which has a great message and cool technology! Pacha wants to support youth in becoming leaders.

Pacha is partnering with the Center for Sacred Studies to get kids involved in positive change in their communities. Pacha needs your help shaping her Youth Leadership Platform and Connected Dance Challenge.

Help Pacha shape the Youth Leadership platform that will motivate kids to get involved in their communities. We are adding a youth leadership module to our augmented reality app that enables youth to self-organize projects and to create challenges. We could use your perspectives and ideas on the user experience.

One to the first challenges will a global dance called the Connected Dance Challenge, that inspires kids across the planet to dance and sing about our connectedness. We did a pilot featuring kids from across the planet including Atlanta, Oakland, Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Togo, and South Africa. We will be calling on children to make a video of themselves doing a simple dance to the chorus of the song We Are ALL Connected. They will start their videos with a statement about something they are grateful for or want to change in their community.

This is an opportunity to help shape an online Youth Leadership Platform that – with your participation – could impact millions of kids. When we thought about voices that we would like to have at the table, this community rises to the top. Pacha needs your perspective and ideas to make sure that her work is spiritually rooted and of the highest of vibration.

We would love your collaboration in shaping this platform and/or seeding the connected dance in your area. If you would like to lend your insight and energy to this work and/or have any questions, please fill out the form below.