Making a What Happened When Video

Thank you for agreeing to make a “What happened when” for Pacha’s Pajamas.

What You Need

  • One or more children who have not yet experienced the Pacha Alive app
  • A mobile device for the child to view (Device #1)
  • A mobile device for filming (Device #2)
  • Room with uncluttered background and relatively quiet


  1. Turn on Wi-fi on Device #1
  2. Install the Pacha Alive app on Device #1
  3. Hover the app over the cover and images in the book and wait for the app to download the augmented reality videos. If you have 10-12 minutes, download the videos for all the images in the book. If you have less time, download the images for the cover page and the images on pages 8 and 9.
  4. Get the child or children set up and ready in the room with Device #1 and the book. Turn on wi-fi and start up the app. If the light is low, click the thunderbolt on the app to turn on the light. Make sure there is sufficient battery. Instruct the child to begin when you enter the room filming, starting with the cover and then do the images on pages 8 and 9. If you have downloaded additional videos, you can film the child working with additional images.
  5. From the entrance to the room, using Device #2, take a selfie of yourself saying “Hi I’m [fill in]. Watch what happens when I gave the Pacha’s Pajamas Animated book to my [child or children].
  6. Point the Device #2 camera at the child and walk into the room filming. Film your child from the front or the front-side as they are using the Animated book. Do not worry about getting footage of the screen.
  7. Post your video on your blog and/or social media and notify

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