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We Made Our Kickstarter Goal!

Old Cover IconThanks to all the backers of the Pacha’s Pajamas Kickstarter!Thanks to our backers, we exceeded our goal of $25,000. Venturing into the wearables space with augmented pajamas was a big deal for us. The Kickstarter also introduced our new children’s novel, the Youth Leader card game which features Pacha along with 47 other young people who are bringing their dreams to life, and our partner projects with the Mindful Life Project in Richmond and the Homeless Prenatal Project in San Francisco.

If you ordered PJs, you will get an email from Kickstarter in the next couple of days asking what size(s) you need. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

As an update, we just finished the illustrations for the children’s novel and are now preparing it for print. The cover is above.

For anyone who wanted to get additional PJs or gifts, you will be able to order them here in the next couple of days.

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