Pacha’s Pajamas has won seven awesome awards in 2013!

We are juiced to announce that Pacha’s Pajamas has won seven awesome awards in 2013!

With talent like 12-year-old rap star Bentley Green, Mos Def, Les Nubians and more, the CD uses various music styles including hip-hop to educate children about self-discovery, healthy living, and respect for nature.  It follows the adventures of Pacha, a little girl whose magical pajamas whisk her away at night to imaginary worlds where she discovers the power to make a difference in the world and within herself.

Pacha’s Pajamas, produced by BALANCE, has won the following awards and honors from organizations that recognize the very best in children’s products:

  • Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award for Mind-Building Media
  • Creative Child Magazine 2013 Preferred Choice
  • Family Choice Award for Excellence in Products for Children and Families
  • Independent Music Awards “People’s Choice” for Best Children’s Album
  • Mom’s Choice – Gold
  • Mr. Dad Seal of Approval
  • Parents’ Choice  Recommended Award

Both the Academics’ Choice and Creative Child Magazine awards confirm that BALANCE is producing “nutritious children’s entertainment” that stimulates the mind as well as supports the child in fully developing higher order thinking skills and superior-decision-making ability.

Featured celebrity artists on Pacha’s Pajamas include Mos Def, Cheech Marin, Les Nubians, Talib Kweli, Majora Carter, Lester Chambers, the Agape Youth Choir and Lyrics Born.  The album also includes rising kid stars Bentley Green (9 million+ YouTube hits), Lil Jaxe, Ta’kaiya Blaney, Avalon Theisen, Amanda Raya, Felecity, Milo McFly, Jaheem, MC Fireworks and  Devyn Tyson.

Song tracks on the two-volume collection – which covers a wide range of global social, environmental, health and other issues – include “Magical Pajamas” (asthma), “Into the Dream” (plastic pollution), “Occupy Pacha Jamma” (intergenerational justice), “Horses Don’t See Colors” (racial harmony), “Jungle Work” (disaster relief), “We Are All Connected” (oneness) and much more.

How You Can Help

Even with the awards, it’s hard to break into mainstream children’s entertainment. Please support this dream by sharing Pacha’s Pajamas with the kids in your life. Imagine enjoying Pacha’s new music in the mix through the holidays.

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