In many ways, Pacha’s Pajamas is “Innertainment” or even”Inner-trainment” because it trains kids to look within themselves for guidance. We are teaching them to “fish” within. We are all born with an inner guidance system, but as we look to external sources, we often forget how to access it. Pacha’s Pajamas is designed to interest kids in reconnecting with their inner guidance system and to use it as one of their guides.

The world needs young people to become everyday heroes, and to create a future that works for all. This will require young people to take a different path than that of previous generations. They will need to tap deep into their potential as 21st century humans.

To reach our vast potential, we must discover and utilize our unique gifts while managing our thinking and behavior. This requires self-literacy – a deep understanding and awareness of one’s body, mind and spirit.

The three pillars of Self Literacy in Pacha’s Pajamas are:

  1. We are ALL connected

  2. We have everything we need within ourselves

  3. We can create the world we want to live in