As Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) burst forth into the public consciousness, BALANCE presents the first of its kind Animated Book and the Pacha Alive app that brings it to life. Pacha's Pajamas is the first narrative book that uses AR in this way. Other children's books use AR more as a novelty. BALANCE sees Animated Books to be the future of print books with illustrations, including textbooks, children's books, graphic novels, and comic books.

About Pacha Alive

Hovering a mobile device over the images in the book BRINGS THEM TO LIFE with animated videos featuring Cheech Marin, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and 30 young artists. The Pacha Alive app displays dozens of videos now and will ultimately animate all the imagery in the book. Ninety percent (90%) of videos are between 3-15 seconds. They are short and sweet to keep focus on the narrative. Think of the augmented reality as the dessert and the book to be the main course. Research shows that multimedia used in this manner increase story comprehension and expressive vocabulary. It also draws in tech obsessed kids and gets them engaged with a physical book.

Tuning the App

Here are the instructions for tuning the app so that the videos play smoothly every time:
  1. Install the FREE Pacha Alive app from either App Store or Google Play
  2. Make sure Wi-fi is turned on
  3. If light is low, click the flashlight icon in the upper left
  4. Point app at cover image. Hold until the video appears.
  5. Point app at image on page 8. Hold until the video appears.
  6. Point app at image on page 9. Hold until the video appears.
  7. Follow this same procedure with any videos you want to demo.
Now you are ready to use the app in any situation. You don't need internet access or good light. Use the flashlight feature (icon in upper left) if needed. For demos, we recommend displaying the augmented reality videos in this order:
  • Cover (first 5-10 seconds)
  • Image on Page 8 (first 8 seconds)
  • Image on Page 9 (entire 10 seconds)


  1. Videos not loading? The app works best on Wi-Fi or when you have access to high-speed data. When you have access, tune the app as above.
  2. No Sound on iPhone? Make sure the ringer switch shown on the right is in the Ring position.