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Pacha’s First Film in Three Festivals

Update: Our World’s Wildest Evolution of Dance film won third place in the Films for the Forest at the SXSW Community Screenings. Check out the blog entry.

World's Wildest Evolution of Dance 11x17

The World’s Wildest Evolution of Dance is in three film festivals so far: the San Diego Black Film festival, North Hollywood Cinefest, and Films for the Forest at the SXSW Community Screenings.

Ten year old Pacha is the final performer at PACHA JAMMA, the greatest festival in the history of the planet. Because no humans were invited, Pacha is disguised as a little gorilla. She enters the stage and performs an exciting evolution of dance rou

Narrated by Mos Def
Character voices: Ta’Kaiya Blaney, Gerald Rivers, Melia Gabrielle
Directed by Aaron Ableman and Dave Room

Pacha and BALANCE Edutainment are proud to be part of the largest global tree planting, One Billion Trees!

A Native American tradition says when you take something from the Earth, you must offer something in return. The One Billion Trees c

A recent report from UNICEF says young people around the world understand that their generation will have to suffer, pay for, and attempt to rectify the damage that is being done to the Earth by “man-fuelled” climate change. Children from around the world are powerfully expressing their fears for the future and the actions they need us all to take now.

Pacha’s Evolution of Dance is a scene from the award-winning children’s musical, Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written Nature, in which Pacha performs in an animated tribute to the Youtube smash hit, Evolution of Dance. Pacha is voiced by 13 year old United Nations youth ambassador, musician, and environmental activist Ta’Kaiya Blaney. Ta’Kaiya is also featured in HBO’s family film “Saving Our Tomorrow,” which will be released Earth Day 2015. Famed artist, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), narrates the video and is joined by Martin Luther King Jr. impersonator, Gerald Rivers.