Jake Zeldin has struggled with a significant stutter all his life…
but when he raps the stutter disappears!

Toronto-based Jake Zeldin, aka Lil JaXe, has only been rapping for three years and already has the city talking. Listening to him rhyme, you would never know that he has a stutter or that he is just 13 years old. He has a talent and creativity well beyond his years that leaves his audiences speechless. His mother says they worked with a variety of speech therapists and spent thousands of dollars. Rap was the only remedy that allowed him to come out of his shell and share his talent with others.

Lil JaXe Doesn’t Miss a Beat
Despite being teased by fellow students and teachers since his first day of school, Jake’s motivation, artistic passion and raw talent has won him not only the respect of his peers but he has grabbed the attention of music industry executives. Whether performing for a crowd or for his idol Drake, Jake is a confident, young man who has found his calling as an artist and a means to combat a stutter that once plagued him.

Lil JaXe Performs for Drake
On Saturday December 3, 2011, Jake’s dream came true. He made his way backstage at the Tyga concert to meet his hero Drake who asked Lil JaXe to rap for him. Drake was blown away by this 12 year old’s talent and offered strong words of encouragement to Jake (watch the video at following link).

Since that day and the international media exposure that ensued including Canada AM, Much Music, CTV National and more, Lil JaXe signed with Lone Wolf Management headed by Karl Wolf. He recently finished shooting the video to his latest song Thomas Edison which he wrote himself.

Lil JaXe’s creativity expands beyond music. He paints and has more than forty professional canvases and personally writes all of his own songs.

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