The Authors

Dave Room
My most important identifier is Melia’s Papa. My fourteen-year-old daughter Melia is my motivation and inspiration. When Melia was two weeks old, her mother laid her on my chest. I reveled in the most divine baby smell, feeling grateful to finally be able to relax with my newborn daughter. Over the course of minutes, Melia inched her way up my chest and nuzzled her head into my neck. It felt like I was being cuddled by the cutest, most loving puppy ever.

And then something magical happened. An electric pulse went through my entire body activating every cell of my being. I knew at that moment, this was the most important relationship in my life. Soon thereafter, it came to me – when Melia is a young adult, I need to be able to look her in the eyes and tell her I did everything could to make the world a better place.

This launched me on a decade-long quest to figure out how I would make the world a better place, which ultimately led to starting BALANCE Edutainment with Aaron. Our vision is to create global platforms for engaging children in the planetary awakening that is already underway. Our first global platform is Pacha’s Pajamas.

I am passionate about uplifting the voices of children, women, impoverished peoples, indigenous peoples, and nature to ensure that they play a key role in shaping a future that works for all. I think it is essential that we all look deep within to find our purpose and voice, and to develop our internal guidance system. I see the intersection of entertainment and education as an essential tool for reaching young people where they are at, and supporting their awakening to self-awareness and self-mastery so that they may create the world they want to live in.

Twitter and Instagram: @meliaspapa

Aaron Ableman
A celebrated entertainer, author, and entrepreneur, Mr. Ableman grew up under the guidance of a farmer and public-health nurse for parents, studying with luminaries from many walks of life. Born in actor Michael Douglas’ basement, Aaron was raised under auspicious conditions.

From his time in Nicaragua at the end of the civil war to being raised on a landmark urban farm, Ableman has held unusual leadership roles since a young age. He was a frequent star in annual stage shows as a child actor and playwright. Since high-school, he has been recognized as a distinguished producer, actor and writer in the fields of music, literature, film and education. Ableman soon began to write and compose musicals under the tutelage of Stanford theatre buff, Ian Cummings, with Nina Simone’s producer, Charles Ellison, (Concordia University) and at the renowned Esalen Institute with actress/master teacher, Paula Shaw. At the time, he was asked to be creative director and producer with an arts-education organization called Music Mind Movement. The group grew to national prominence and was a catalyst for many well-known artists across North America.

After university, he travelled as an artist-ambassador and educator reaching 10,000 orphans and low-income school children in the villages of Mumbai and Varanasi, India. Returning to North America to consult with arts-education organizations in Canada, he went on to produce and teach a number of programs for marginalized school-kids. Moving back to California, Ableman founded an urban festival series bringing top scientists together with artists, athletes, businessmen and leaders to share cross-discipline solutions to global and community ills.

He then became Executive Producer for the Clean Energy Tour, a statewide “Get Out The Vote” music tour backed by 120 organizations, reaching over 200 thousand youth on 8 college campuses. The renowned director, James Cameron, read a message written by Aaron on behalf of the biosphere. In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, he was asked to travel to Port-Au-Prince to advise a food-security initiative by employing music and storytelling as a way to give voice to marginalized communities in the challenging rebuilding process. It was then that his long-time oral storytelling project, Pacha’s Pajamas, emerged as a prime tool to explore nature-themed issues through music and storytelling.

An award-winning educator, artist and entertainer, Aaron Ableman has dedicated his life to serving children, youth and families. Ableman has worked and/or performed with artists including Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Joan Baez, Q’orianka Kilcher, Earth Guardians and is a sought after entertainer around the globe. His life and work have been heralded in publications such as the LA Times, CNN, MTV, New York Times, MTV, Origin Magazine, Montreal Mirror, Climate Reality Project and the SF Examiner. Aaron is a CoFounder of BALANCE Edutainment and a consultant for numerous arts, education and environmental organizations.

Twitter: @ablemantra
Instagram: @aaronableman