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The Making of Mr. Tick: Part I

I’m designing Mr.Tick. He is Pacha’s main antagonist in the story. I’ve been very excited to design him, but never had the opportunity until now. Here is how he shows up in the book.


To me, he is as important because a strong hero or she-ro like Pacha needs a strong villain to give balance to the story. The antagonist is one of the driving forces that keeps the protagonist on the right path. I wanted him to have a certain elegance to him. I remember seeing Scar on “The Lion King” and saying to myself that the antagonists in my films should be and speak with that same level of eloquence that captivates the audience and makes the audience love to hate them.

This is the early stage of the character modeling. I’m designing his face at moment to enable the audience to feel a wide range of emotions within themselves. I’ve decided to make him less menacing than I thought I might.  As you can see in the video, I’ve exposed his wireframe to show the portions of his face that will used to drive his expressions.

Allah El ALLAH EL HENSONHenson is Pacha’s Animation Producer. Art has always been a major part of Allah’s life. He attended the Academy of Art University. He chose to study animation because he had already mastered the other forms of art at the school. He started out studying 2D animation. His skills impressed his instructors, the Lab Techs, and his peers. Later he delved into 3D animation with Maya. His skills were so advanced that he was allowed to skip several required classes. After the intro class, he began producing his own animated shorts. His first film won an award at the AIGA World Studio Scholarship Program. He produced music videos honoring music legends, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, which became YouTube sensations. The animation scenes that really interest Allah are action, fighting and comedic scenes. He does animation for gaming as well as feature animation. He handles all technical issues including lighting, rigging and rendering