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Introducing Papa

Pacha Papa 2

Pacha’s mom and dad debut in our new video, Animated book – What’s That?

Papa emigrated to the United States from his homeland Peru when he was a young adult.

Papa’s always had a strange love for the science of animals (Zoology) and the weird facts or stories from other species. Perhaps it was because he grew up amidst the concrete slabs, the violent boomboxes and the large rimmed cars of the Crenshaw District in south-central Los Angeles. The animals (whether real or in pictures from his favorite magazine, National Geographic) always seemed easier to get along with than the gangsters and bullies of his rough neighborhood.

While most children had a dog or cat for a pet, Papa had a wolf (10% husky), a rare snake and even kept caterpillars in his tiny backyard garden until they hatched into butterflies. If he saw a wounded animal on the side of the road, he’d stop so he could retrieve it and take it to the humane society or release it back into the wild. He did a lot of reading on ancient dinosaurs, wild cats from folklore and myth.

He voraciously consumes magazines, encyclopedias, brochures from the vet – anything he can get his hands on. Papa went to the zoo for the first time as a birthday gift from his Grandma and didn’t realize he could see so many different kinds of animals in one location. Zoos, parks and botanic gardens immediately became one of his favorite places.