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Introducing Paco

Paco 2Along with his mom and dad, Pacha’s little bro Paco debuts in our new video, Animated book – What’s That?

Much to his chagrin, five-year old Paco does not often remember his dreams like his older sister Pacha. In fact, he is ultra competitive with Pacha about dreaming, often making up ludicrous stories about his own dream life. Every once in a while, his grandma appears in his dreams, reminding him to tell the truth.

Paco wants to be like Pacha, his hero. Pacha thinks he needs to take a chill pill and just let her be. Paco stuffs the pockets of his overalls with gadgets including a pendulum that he uses for guidance. Being slightly on the autism spectrum, he sometimes feels overwhelmed or discombobulated. However, he has great attention for detail and numbers, which comes in handy for the rest of the family.

When Paco gets excited about something, he has to tell Pacha and his parents whether they are interested or not. He loves magic tricks and life hacks, and dreams of being like Tesla when he grows up. He adores his big sister but wants her to play with him. And he wants in on her secrets – “I’m gonna to figure out what’s going on with Pacha and her pajamas if it’s the last thing I do!”  

Paco debuts in the next book of the series, Foodlandia.