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Introducing Mama

Pacha's Mama 5Pacha’s mom and dad debut in our new video, Animated book – What’s That?

Mama has a magical air about her. She is the Pacha’s guide, though Pacha can be resistant at times. Mama started weaving the PJs when she was pregnant and put a wish into every stitch. She taught Pacha how to take great care for them. She tries with varying levels of success to engage Pacha in conversation about her dreams.

When Mama was a tween, her parents moved to Los Angeles where she grew up in a small apartment with three siblings. Something was always falling apart in the apartment. A bursting pipe. Leaky air conditioner. Faulty wires… Mama got very handy, alongside helping her mother in the kitchen. Mama took that DIY attitude into every aspect of her life. She’s confident in what she can do, and she often figures out how to do it on the fly. Challenges are puzzles with answers wanting to be discovered.

She fixes everything at the job. She is a chef. Her food makes people feel good. The people think she has some secret spice and come from near and far to enjoy the flavors.

When she’s not uplifting the patrons of the restaurant with her nourishing food, Mama’s time is mostly spent raising Pacha and Paco and helping Pacha find her focus in the midst of so many big dreams. At night, she helps Papa manage his odd intellectual pursuits.