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The Future Of Bedtime: World’s First Interactive Pajamas

Pachamas Family Portrait2In a world of rapidly changing values, how do parents know what is best for their children? How do parents and kids truly connect in a technology and entertainment-driven culture? The ultimate solution to this changing children’s entertainment landscape is called Pacha’s Pajamas, the world’s first interactive dreamwear line which includes an award-winning story and an Augmented Reality App. The project is currently up for funding via https://crowdfund.pachaspajamas.com.

Featuring the celebrity talent of Mos Def, Cheech Marin, and 30 youth artists, Pacha’s Pajamas is the story of Pacha, a nine-year old Latin-American girl who struggles to bring her amazing dreams to life. Using the phone/tablet’s camera, the augmented reality app tracks the characters on the pajamas and images in the book, and then displays the corresponding animations, educational videos, and interactive graphics. Each interaction with the pajamas and book creating a new path for exploration of Pacha’s world for the child.

When the app “sees” the Pacha’s Pajamas logo, it displays Pacha’s latest webisode – the world’s first serial content delivered through augmented reality! The story and app promote self-discovery, self esteem, and empathy in the context of an exciting storyworld for learning about nature and the environment. The pajamas are made of 100% organic cotton and are available in infant, child and adult sizes ranging from $30-$50, depending on size. In addition to the pajamas and app, parent company BALANCE is also offering an original card game featuring 48 youth leaders worldwide, in partnership with UNESCO project Youth Leader.

Get your pair of Pacha’s Pajamas at https://crowdfund.pachaspajamas.com.

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