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IndieGoGo Update: We’re Extending Two More Days!

Campaign Thanks

As many of you know, we didn’t want to do another crowdfunding campaign. We had already done three successful campaigns and were feeling like many people in our networks had “crowdfunding fatigue.” So we were pushing hard for investment.

We got somethin’ but not enough to finish the development of the app or for promoting the launch the Animated book. The first page of the book instructs the user to download the Pacha Alive app, which brings the book to life with animated videos — an app that currently does not exist. 

Nine days ago and about 5 weeks before the launch, Dave realized we were running out of time. By April 5th, we needed to have IOS and Android apps available online, and it would be very helpful if we had a demo beforehand. At that time, we figured that we needed $27k to launch the app working with a colleague, who is now living in Dubai, which was leading us to myopically pursue investment in the company.

But Dave decided to pursue another angle. He previously had varied success with freelancers on Elance for web development, graphic design, bookkeeping, and blogging projects. He had also had failures. Last year, Elance merged with Odesk and they have now become Upwork. On a lark, Dave posted a proposal on Upwork with a budget of $5K; 45 applicants responded with bids between $3-10K.

Given this new information, we decided to do one “last” crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for the app. It had to be really short so that we could get the developer started asap. We knew that if needed be, we could probably get a one-day Expedited app review process for the IOS and Google Play stores. But even with a very short 5 day campaign, we would still only have about 3-4 weeks to submit the app for review.

So as this IndieGoGo campaign has been progressing, I have been interviewing the top three candidates. And on Thursday, I selected our developer. The team has 7+ years developing IOS and Android apps. They also did a great proposal. They will deliver a demo in about two weeks and are able to deliver the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) app in time for the April 5th book launch.

With your support, we are now closing in on $3333 with two hours to go!

At first, we were thinking that we would just settle for the $3333. But team has decided to extend the campaign for two more days. We will do a last big push to surpass our goal. Thanks for joining us for the ride.

Here’s the link if you want to help us get to $3333 tonight 🙂

Peace and Love!