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We did it! Thanks

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Thanks to our amazing backers, we made our IndieGoGo goal, raising $5K in just 7 days. Exceeding our goal enabled us to keep the campaign open in InDemand mode.

Join Pacha’s Launch Team

Our advance reader copy is ready for you! To get your copy of our new book Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature, please click here.

The book officially launches on April 5th. We want to make a big splash on the Amazon bestseller list. We will follow up to ask if you could write a review. We deeply appreciate any advance praise you can offer.

This book will bring more joy, connectedness, resilience, and inspiration to kids of all ages. Thank you for joining and us on this journey.

Click here to read the book

Update on Progress

Yesterday and today, we shipped all the pre-release books.

The developer is working on a demo version of the Pacha Alive app that we will submit to the App Store and Google Play next week. The demo version displays an overlay video when the app is directed at one of three illustrations in the book.

To be released by April 5th, the first beta version of the app will work for 25 of the 100 images in the book. By the end of the beta, the app will work with all the illustrations in the book.