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EcoDads Recommends Reading Pacha’s Pajamas this Earth Week

Recommended Earth Day Reading

ecodadsFor the past four decades, Earth Day and now Earth Week and Earth Month are times to come together and reflect on the blessing of life on this beautiful garden planet. We can be grateful to Mama Earth or Pachamama as they say in some parts of South America for clean air, water, food, shelter, and all the things that we use and experience in our lives. Our Mother Earth provides it all. Earth Day is also a reminder that we need to consider on a daily basis what we can do individually and collectively to protect our Mother Earth and the ecosystem services that sustain life.

EcoDads is a growing group of sustainably-minded dads who offer their kids a sense of context and discernment, while teaching them how to think on their feet, roll-up their sleeves and get things done.

“Earth Day is reminder that our kids need to know that we are deeply connected to source, to one another, and to nature,” says Ecodad and author Dave Room.  “Because of the information barrage that seeks to disconnect today’s children on all levels, we need to keep reminding them in many different ways.”

The recently published Animated Book, Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature, includes many reminders for children about their connectedness with nature, others, and themselves. It also has climate change in its through line and deals with many environmental and self awareness issues. Hence, Pacha’s Pajamas is recommended reading for Earth Day 2016 by EcoDads.

Just BookPacha’s Pajamas is a Children’s Environmental Awakening story and written by Bay Area authors Aaron Ableman and EcoDad Dave Room. The birth of Dave’s thirteen year old daughter, Melia, inspires him on this path to restore balance to the planet by changing the Story.  The book is helpful for teachers and parents to start conversations with children about environmental issues, including climate change, overconsumption, waste, plastics in the ocean, and more.  The book also provides many social and emotional learning opportunities including how to deal with stress, cultivate mindfulness, and understand interdependence.

Pacha is a little girl awakening to her unique gifts and bringing them to the world. Her imagination is bigger than the Andes Mountains – homeland of her ancestors. When she goes to sleep, the characters on her pajamas guide her on dream adventures to learn more about herself and the world.

The day before Earth Day, Pacha’s magical pajamas carry her into an epic dream where she’s the central player at a nature festival to save the planet from destruction.
 Pacha awakens with the inspiration to show the world that We Are ALL Connected.

It’s a young reader book for 7-12 year olds (or grades 2-7). We recommend that older kids and their dads and moms read the book separately, and come together for a conversation about Earth Day and how environmental issues are presented, experienced, and addressed in the book.

The book works well for parents and caregivers to read to 4-8 years olds. We recommend that parents read chapters of the book to or with younger children in several sittings. Start each sitting by talking about any dreams that could be related to the book, then read one or more chapters, and finish with a conversation about their experience of the chapters.

In conversations about the book, parents and caregivers can ask children what they noticed, what they really liked, and what surprised them. Also ask what emotions they are experiencing and what they have learned.

Teachers love the story as well. The book has Next Generation Science Standards Climate Change and Common Core English Language Arts curricula that is ready to be piloted. Contact info@pachaspajamas.com to bring Pacha’s Pajamas to your child’s school and nearby libraries.

Pacha’s Pajamas is also recommended as a Multicultural way to celebrate Earth Day in this post by Hapa Mama.