Dancing With the Bay Area

Not much longer before we launch the Connected Dance Challenge! Summer is a time for celebrations and recently we were invited to participate in Swan’s Market’s 100th birthday party. The restaurants here dish up some delicious food so tables were filled as usual and some of the community sat in the patio enjoying live music with friends. Like any birthday party, the highlight of the event was cake and even the adults quickly got in line to grab a slice and some ice cream.

The band encouraged people to dance and a circle formed with some toddlers trying to move along with the beat. What better event for us to preview the Connected Dance Challenge than with a community that loves dance and music! We had a demonstration of the dance and everyone followed along to the tune, letting us see how connected the community was. The Bay Area Flash Mob also came to help us get the crowd hyped, and to fit in with the theme of our environmental children’s book, they were dressed as animals.

We are so happy to have found the perfect partners to help us launch the challenge and celebrate connectedness. Swan’s Market is deeply rooted in Oakland’s history and is a gathering place for people of all backgrounds. It is integral to the community and we’re honored that we got to celebrate the beginning of the Connected Dance Challenge together with their centennial, which is such an important milestone for them.

Bay Area Flash Mob is a vibrant group that wants everyone to get together and just have a good time, regardless of dance experience. This is exactly what we aim to do, get people around the world to join the same cause and just have fun expressing their personality. We put together a few simple steps so even those who doubt their dancing ability can follow along and learn that dance is all about having w a blast! Bay Area Flash Mob welcomes anyone to join them at their weekly classes. Whether you’re a novice or your body automatically moves with the music, the series of classes will get you prepared to take the routine to the streets of the Bay Area.

What the Bay Area Flash Mob does is truly a project of passion. The low fee for classes makes dance much more accessible to people who are just curious. If you want to get started, you don’t have the excuse of expensive dance studios since you can join a 90-minute class for less than $10. Fees that are collected go towards the dance studio rentals, maintaining equipment, administrative costs, and insurance. None of the Bay Area Flash Mob leaders are paid, their goal is just to connect people to dance.

Pacha’s Pajamas was at the event all afternoon showing what an augmented reality book is all about and promoting the ever important message of protecting the environment. While we were there, we made lots of new friends and encouraged them to be part of the challenge that will launch soon and connect with people around the world. Stay tuned for the official launch date so you can take part in our challenge and have fun doing a short dance!