Pacha’s Pajamas is an award-winning EdTech Brand that leverages gamification, augmented reality, music & entertainment to deeply engage and inspire today’s children, bridging the digital and physical worlds as well as the home, classroom, and community.

The Reach the Future program provides discounted production and promotional services to aligned nonprofits. Services include:
  • Animated Video Production
  • Music Production
  • Live Shows
  • Workshops
  • Product Placement (Animated Book, Augmented Reality,┬áVideos)
  • Books, Albums, Stickers, and Card Game Distribution

When Pacha goes to sleep, she enters the dreamworld of her PJs and goes on a dream adventure to learn more about herself. She brings what she learns back to waking life.

Below is a video BALANCE produced for a nonprofit called Kiss the Ground. Could a video with Pacha be helpful in promoting your cause or campaign?

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