Pacha’s Pajamas is an award-winning EdTech Brand that leverages gamification, augmented reality, music & entertainment to deeply engage and inspire today’s children, bridging the digital and physical worlds as well as the home, classroom, and community.

Platform Overview

BALANCE specializes in childhood entertainment products that children love and parents can feel good about. BALANCE is creating an ecosystem of digital and physical products for pre-teens (including apps, video, television, apparel, film, books and music), which make learning a play-based family.  

Check out our videos. They are accessible online and through our interactive book app, which uses augmented reality.

Dream with us…

Imagine being involved with the launch of the next BIG THING in children’s entertainment. Similar in scale to Dora, but for older kids (7-12 year olds), supporting them in creating the world they want to live in, and seeding within them a culture of peace, mindfulness, compassion, and cooperation. A culture guided by love.

Each of Pacha’s stories are a hero’s journey not only for herself but also for humanity, in which positive change overcomes inertia. Hollywood and popular Young Adult books have cornered the market on stories of a dystopian future; its time to provide kids with the positive counter balance.

Each story has a dream theme that speaks to how a child relates to an aspect of the external world. The first book is about relationship to nature. The next one will be about relationship to food – Pacha and her lil’ bro Paco travel to Foodlandia in their dreams. Future stories will explore other compelling themes, including energy, water, ancient Egyptian culture, China, inside the body, the cosmos, and crystals.

The dream theme drives the story world, the story itself, partnerships, and character development. Like the Wonderful World of Oz, each dream character has a counterpart in Pacha’s waking life and a clue that binds them together. E.g., MC Plat has a sweatband like Paco. Mama and Hum the hummingbird have similar voices and both treat Pacha motherly. Pacha’s fifth grade teacher Ms. Hoot looks like an owl.

We design new PJs with the characters from the story.

Each story is designed to impart certain values, delve into specific aspects of social and emotional learning, and to raise the awareness of the various perspectives and issues surrounding the theme. Each story becomes a season for the television show.

Based on our test marketing it appears that kids across ethnic, gender, and geographic lines can relate on some level with Pacha and her dream adventures. Kids experience her in the classroom through books and activities, home schooling and self directed learning, at events, and at home with books, apps, and tv.

They will get their parents to buy alot of Pacha merchandise, which will all be relatively earth-friendly. Kids will also challenge their parents to think differently.

We recommend that the entire family read the book, separately or together as appropriate, have conversations, and do the activities. It brings the family together and helps reinforce family values.

Imagine being part of something like this. Imagine making it possible.

Status Update

After two years of development, followed by two years of test marketing in U.S. children’s hospitals, schools, and homes, BALANCE is now poised for a breakthrough into the mainstream with its award-winning story, Pacha’s Pajamas. Pacha is a ten year old whose dreams are bigger than Andes Mountains, homeland of her ancestors. When Pacha goes to sleep, the plants and animals on her PJs come alive in her dreams. She goes on dream adventures with them to learn more about herself. She brings what she learns back to waking life.

Test marketing shows broad appeal for Pacha across ages, geographies, and ethnicities. BALANCE is making final preparations – which includes raising capital – to go to market with the Pacha’s Pajamas Young Reader book and the augmented reality companion app that displays animations and educational videos. After polishing its online presence, BALANCE will promote the book and app though social media, joint ventures, live performances, and our Corporate Partners Program.

This Spring, Morgan James Kids will publish the Young Reader book. It will be the first Young Reader book with augmented reality. Hovering a smart phone over illustrations in the book displays animations from the story and educational videos. The book tour will include live shows, workshops, tree plantings and community cleanups at schools, children’s hospitals, theaters, and other venues underwritten by our Corporate Partners Program.

BALANCE is approaching foundations that make PRIs, because we have not been able to get traction with traditional angel groups and venture capitalists that focus solely on profits. We are also too early in our development for commercial bank and credit union loans. BALANCE is convening a small group of foundations and impact investors who see the importance of meeting children where they are, getting them engaged in learning, and leveraging technology and entertainment to engage kids in a sustainable future.

In the next 18 months, BALANCE will produce an app that gamifies environmental action, create it’s next Pacha’s Pajamas story-world “Foodlandia”, and develop the Pacha’s Pajamas animated television series. With the right backing, we collectively have the opportunity to create a global children’s entertainment sensation akin to Dora the Explorer but for 7-12 year olds and focused on social and emotional learning and creating a sustainable future.

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