“I started writing Pacha’s Pajamas 10 years ago.” ~ Aaron Ableman

The origins of Pacha’s Pajamas trace back to Aaron’s gift as a bedtime storyteller, sharing silly and wild adventures with his little brother Benjamin before dreamtime. Emerging from these humble origins with a story about a child’s dream of plants and animals at a giant concert to save the world seemed like as good a tool as any to work with students on social or environmental literacy. Thus, working as an artist/educator — from rural northern Canada to the orphanges of India, from the school yard in Jamaica to enrichment programs in California — Aaron discovered something almost mythological in this little tale. It wasn’t until he met Dave Room at the Bioneers conference and later when they produced a national storytelling event, that they realized the full extent of this diamond-in-the-rough chronicle. The rest is, as they say, “herstory”!

Twitter: @ablemantra

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