“The Allah Twist is bringing my own flavor to whatever I was given.” ~ Allah El Henson

Allah El Henson, Illustrator and Animator

Art has always been a major part of Allah’s life. He attended the Academy of Art University. He chose to study animation because he had already mastered the other forms of art at the school. He started out studying 2D animation. His skills impressed his instructors, the Lab Techs, and his peers. Later he delved into 3D animation with Maya. His skills were so advanced that he was allowed to skip several required classes. After the intro class, he began producing his own animated shorts. His first film won an award at the AIGA World Studio Scholarship Program. He produced music videos honoring music legends, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, which became YouTube sensations. The animation scenes that really interest Allah are action, fighting and comedic scenes. He does animation for gaming as well as feature animation. He handles all technical issues including lighting, rigging and rendering.