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In many countries there are rules or laws that protect the people but not the environment. Pacha and her friends are big fans of the rights of all nature, including plants, animals, land, water and air because they can’t speak up for themselves. How can you help?

You can help support Nature’s Rights yourself or with a group of friends. This is a great project for your classroom or camp! Read about the Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, and talk about it with friends and family. What can you learn from it? How would the planet look if we all lived by this code? How can you and your family live this way in your life, school, town or community? Can you think of a project you could create that supports this mission?

Write and/or draw a letter to the World Leader or President of your country. Explain why you want your country to live by the rules in “The Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.” We invite you to use this sample letter  to create a letter to your country’s leader.

Need help finding who your World Leader is? Visit Find your President or Head of State or Heads of State Addresses.

You can also write letters directly to large companies that create pollution and ask that they act according to the Rights of Nature.*

Create a second letter or make a copy of your World Leader letter. This letter is for the UN General Assembly at the Earth Summit.

If possible, scan your letters and drawings or take a picture of them. Then email your letters and drawings to

Collect the letters in two separate envelopes. Include one copy of the original “Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth” and one copy of your letter (and/or pictures) in each envelope.

Mail the envelopes to the following two places by Dec. 31, 2012:

  • Your Country’s President or World Leader
  • The following address in Switzerland:
    Rights Of Mother Earth, PO Box 88
    6317 Oberwil b. Zug, Switzerland

Share your ideas/pictures on what you can do to take care of Mother Earth via facebook at Pachas Pajamas. Or send them to Pacha. Have fun and be creative! Use Pacha and her friends as examples!

* We encourage you to use environmentally friendly recycled paper and colored pencils.

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