Jaheem Toombs

1151009_10201915494517389_611095913_nHey guys, it’s me Jaheem King Toombs!

Welcome to my world!!! I am originally from Boston Mass currently living in Los Angeles, California!

I am a JOY boy, which simply means I LOVE to spread JOY through the arts and entertaining.

I am a working actor, I sing, I dance, and I write original songs. I love to play instruments. I play the drums, guitar, and piano, I read sheet music for all three instruments. I am a comedian at heart. I love to laugh and make people laugh just another reason why I call myself a JOY boy!

My parents are official PLAYMAKERS, so I was sort of born into this world of optimism! I’ve always believed that I could do anything if I can dream it, I can achieve it, and that along with my foundational scripture Phill.4:13 is what inspires me to go forward!!! My parents continue to support me through this journey with a very loving and playful approach.

I bet your wondering hmmm what is a playmaker?????? Well if you don’t know and would like to know more about the “playmaker approach” of living, you can learn more about it by visiting the website.

You can also follow me, you can also check out my IMDB page, and my fb page.

Well that’s pretty much the nutshell, if you visit my page and you enjoy following my pursuit to joyfulness please like & share.