Ashlie is the voice of Hummingbird and sings I Found My Music.
Through kindergarten, Ashlie showed her knack for singing in school by participating in talent shows. She had her first taste of “public” performance during a vacation in the Philippines, where she was volunteered by her parents to sing in a karaoke bar with a song “Valentine”. She was 7 years old.

As a performer, she has had guest stints in several Manny Pacquiao Concerts – in Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe and Vallejo.

Recently, she and her friends started a band called Version 4.1.

Ashlie enjoys the company of people, friends and relatives, adores her toy poodle Porscha, is an avid book reader and loves to sing.  She plays piano and guitar, dances and sings.

This video is a song from Ashlie’s solo album.

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