Amanda is awesome!

Even though 14 year old Amanda can’t see with her eyes like others, she still has more vision than most people ever will. As her mother recalls, “Amanda’s inner strength, curiosity, ability to learn new concepts, letters, and numbers, before the age of two, blew me away, especially given that she was visually impaired”. But there is so much more to Amanda than just this. A pop-songstress who writes her own songs – and can be heard playing piano and guitar in them – Amanda tackles topics well beyond her years.

Originally born in Montreal, but raised in Toronto, Canada, Amanda can’t be stopped when she sets her mind to a goal. “When Amanda entered junior kindergarten,” remembers her mother, “you can well imagine the challenges that lay ahead for us, and for her. Yet quickly, she found her place, and captured her teachers’ hearts. As she progressed from grade to grade, she needed to learn Braille. That in itself was a challenge! But Amanda did it, and was reading and writing like her peers, and continued, in her own special way, to mesmerize all who got to know her.” A straight-A student (and indeed, an over-achiever), Amanda regularly partakes in choir and theater (often earning the coveted solos and lead roles, respectively), plus a slew of other extra-curricular activities: She water skis, kayaks, sails, swims, camps out with her friends, and is a major source of inspiration to all who come into contact with her. And let’s not forget about piano lessons.