The Agape Youth Choir (AYC) is a mystical, musical spot – A place where all children of every background can sing together. Whether they’re rehearsing, performing, writing or traveling,  the AYC is where God makes music – the kind of music that touches your soul. Sometimes jazz, sometimes ancient chants and sometimes hip-hop beats dance their way through the AYC and into the hearts of all who hear.

With over nine (9) million YouTube hits, thousands of Facebook friends, and Twitter followers, uber talented, tween heart throb Bentley Green aka BG is so unusual. BG, has been lighting up stages since the age of four, performing in front of audiences for the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks; to wowing television viewers on the Ellen Degeneres Show and the Maury Povic Show. He begin his career as a rapper, and since that time has masterfully-developed the art of acting, with his natural ability to memorize lyrics and large scripts. BG is an exceptionally bright student that makes good grades. Another thing that differentiates BG is his involvement in social causes.
Jack Zeldin is a 12 year old rapper and friend of Canadian rapper Drake. He has struggled significant stuttering all his life. Communication has been a hard for Zeldin since he started to speak. But amazingly, when he developed his skill in rapping, things have transformed in his life for the better. Jake also uses rapping and singing while communicating, displaying a rare gift. He has been writing songs, putting his music and videos online under the stage name “Lil JaXe,” and is well on his way to become a professional rapper.
Ta’Kaiya Blaney, a 11 year old singer and actress currently living in North Vancouver, will be the voice of Pacha. She had her acting and singing debut at just five years old and has already performed at large events across Canada, in Washington state and in Brazil.  She also plays violin and has appeared in several short films including Shi-Shi-EtkoNootka RoseSavageSpelling Bee and The Closer You Get To Canada. A recent winner of the Peter Benchley award for the oceans, Ta’Kaiya has emerged as a global environmental leader, sharing her dream for healthy ecosystems free of pollution.
2013-03-20 - Amanda Raya - Press Photo 2 (Low Resolution)AMANDA RAYA
Even though 14 year old Amanda can’t see with her eyes like others, she still has more vision than most people ever will. As her mother recalls, “Amanda’s inner strength, curiosity, ability to learn new concepts, letters, and numbers, before the age of two, blew me away, especially given that she was visually impaired”. But there is so much more to Amanda than just this. A pop-songstress who writes her own songs – and can be heard playing piano and guitar in them – Amanda tackles topics well beyond her years.
Felecity, AKA “Little Lissy”, started singing and performing at the age of 6. She recorded videos for Operation Outlook, a missing children’s site, and The National Humane Society to help bring awareness to shelter animals. Felecity has her own safety website that teaches kids about child safety, bullies, gang violence, drugs, and being happy with who you are. The song’s on her first CD inspires children to have a positive attitude and respect family values. Felecity travels all over Florida doing shows and promoting her site. She has just finished up recording her 2nd CD, which will be released by the end of this year. Little Lissy is also very proud of the fact that, even though she has a busy schedule, she has always been a straight “A” student and was the recipient of the “President Award for Excellence” in school. Little Lissy plans on pursuing a career in the music business, and to continue supporting the plight of homeless animals.
Born in L.A. in 1998, Milo McFly always had a bright personality and started modeling and acting at the age of 3 – booking jobs for Tommy Hilfigger and Disney. After appearing in Will Smith’s Black Suits Comin’ video and the movie Men in Black II, Miles decided to retire to pursue his life as a “kid”. During this time he developed a love for music, with a particular passion for Rap Music. At the age of 10, Miles wrote his first lyrics for his math class. This talented “kid” has now performed with the Lil’ Big Ups, a free youth arts project and musical variety show, The Pico Youth and Family Center All-Stars, a Santa Monica non-profit that promotes Peace, Unity, and Social Justice, plus Gerald C. Rivers, an LA artist with a show that features the works of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He was recently chosen as a finalist in California State Assemblyman Mike Davis’ 28th district talent search. Miles balances his life by focusing on being a good student and well-rounded contributor to society
Ashlie is a talented 14 year old singer living in Vallejo, California. She has headlined shows at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada for several thousand people, She also plays the guitar, piano, original composition and performance guidance for young girls. Finally, Ashlie is a budding VO actress, performing the voice of Hummingbird on the Pacha’s Pajamas album and audiobook.
Jaheem is a working actor, singer, and dancer currently residing in Los Angeles California. Jaheem is represented by Myrna Liberman and Mavrick Entertainment for theatrical, commercial, and print. Jaheem has appearances on NBC’s The Cape. Jaheem has had professional training in piano and is currently working on training in his vocals and the guitar. Jaheem is a ambitious young man on a mission to spread God’s love through entertainment, striving to be a positive influence in the world for generations to come!
MC Fireworks is a light in dark times, a flash of brilliance, and an explosion of creativity. Taught the art of rapping at the age of 5 by her father Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, himself a 10 year veteran MC/producer, she had achieved nationwide recognition within a few short years. At 8 years old she had rocked sets at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and the Smithsonian, been shouted out by USA Today and had a #1 hit on SiriusXM. She’s funky, full of heart and completely unique. In her own words, “Press rewind and keep my songs rocking /Cause I got my own style like Pippi Longstockings!”
Ariana Hernandez is a 13-year-old singer, bassist, pianist, and actress from the San Francisco Bay Area. She started singing at 18 months old and has been involved in the performing arts since she was 5. She is currently a Diploma Student in the Young Artists’ Diploma Program at the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, and will be starting her fourth year at The Crowden School in Berkeley next year. She loves photography and spending time with her family. One of her main goals is to become successful so that she can spread awareness about issues that are close to her heart, such as homelessness, deforestation, lack of performing arts programs in schools, and social equality. Her dream is to be a Broadway star.

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