Hum is Mama’s dreamworld persona. She gets nervous, agitated, and aggressive when Pacha is threatened. Though she is sweet and well meaning, talking with Hum can be frustrating as she multi-talks among topics and conversations. She loves experimenting with flower pollen recipes and talking about Latin American fashion trends. Hum is “busy, busy, busy” and always on the go. Watching her tires some out, but they’re always happy to see Hum, and to experience her comforting and bright presence… especially the flowers.

Sr. Champiñón is Papa’s dreamworld persona. His goofy antics make it seem like he doesn’t take anything seriously, but he’s a creative problem solver and his jokes have profound messages. Sr. always seems to be in a good mood with a smile for everyone. He uses humor to disarm and get everyone on the same page. One time though, when it appeared that a nuclear reactor might get sited near his home, he exploded into 13 colors at once, screaming at the top of his gills.

When he was a baby, MC Plat dreamed of becoming a famous singer. As an adolescent, he realized that beauty comes from within and that we are all perfectly imperfect. Gifted with an uncanny sense of melody, MC Plat performs beautiful underwater classics but often gets nervous, stutters, and sweats profusely when performing. MC Plat has a small, but devoted following. He is very concerned about the warming rivers and always makes calls back home to his family to check on the temperature.

Mr. Tick is an charmingly devious professor who sees great benefit in the continuing growth of the human population. Humans are one of his favorite foods; with 7 billion and counting, he believes that ticks will never go hungry again. He is obsessed with “bacon” and other flavors of humans. He sees Pacha, the unification of nature, and even change itself as threats and will go to extreme lengths to maintain the status quo. He is mostly civil in discourse, but can quickly revert to temper tantrums when he does not get his way. Mr. Tick and his parasite friends have joined with mammals that also benefit from human population explosion (i.e., mice, subway rats, farm animals, cats, dogs) to create a New Food Order (NFO). Mr. Tick and the NFO want to stop kids from dreaming and thereby keep everything the same. What he doesn’t realize is that his obsession with human population growth could take down the entire web of life.

Jag appears physically imposing yet is gentle, calm, and a great listener. Working in a circus allowed Jag to get used to all types of temperaments and personality quirks. Although he considers himself a master of compromise, some consider him a pushover who bows with the wind. A natural orator who can mimic voices, Jag tells “teaching stories” from multiple perspectives that boost morale and galvanize audiences. He is a powerful leader with the Organization of Organized Organisms. His life’s work is bringing all species together to create positive change. He is a favorite with the feminine felines because of his quick wit, gentle power and playful banter.

Wilder grew up in a pod. From a very young age, he was exposed to music of marine plant and animal cultures, and developed his own unique musical style. Wilder was once known to have sent a song around the entire world, sharing an urgent choral message about an oil spill in the Gulf. Though somewhat shy in groups, Wilder always imagined himself a natural leader in the marine world and can rise to the occasion in front of audiences. An enormous being, he doesn’t always notice or appreciate the small things and can be oblivious to nuances.

Since she was a baby seed, Tree was familiar with the innate struggles of life, barely surviving the onslaught of a logging company. She enjoys technical conversation and collaborating with the mushrooms about rebuilding the forest. She teaches yoga and breathing to anyone who wants to learn. When she is uncomfortable, Tree creaks and moans. She gets deeply upset and vocal when her family is threatened. Sometimes she can appear stuck in her ways.

Pebble is a breakdancer from Brooklyn with great weight and pragmatism in his words. He harnesses geological forces, causing the earth to quake, volcanoes to erupt, and quicksand to form. Pebble has faced a lot of adversity. Once a great boulder on the face of a mountain, years of erosion and melting ice caps have stripped him down to his current size. Although he is somewhat hard headed at times, Pebble can be deeply reflective Despite being a long time meditator and having a deep time perspective, Pebble is known for outrageous vocal outbursts when he finally gets upset.

Les Flamingos are musically talented twin Lesser Flamingos. They have travelled the worlds and seen more than one can imagine. They were born and spent some of their formative years in Paris zoo, from which they escaped in their adolescence. Despite being raised in captivity away from their flock, they were able to learn about themselves and their lineage through their travels and now feel a deep connection with Africa, the homeland of their ancestors.