I would like to thank all the visionaries here for sharing their views on my first story! Thank you for all that you do for Nature and the species who live on our planet! ~ Pacha

“I love watching Pacha as she demonstrates her joyful dance of connection, and then, in her story, shows how one imaginative child can help save our planet. Pacha’s fascinating adventures will go into the hearts of young and old across the world; the story will lift spirits and bring smiles. Enjoy and pass it on.”  ~ Seena B. Frost, Founder of the SoulCollage® process and author of SoulCollage® Evolving.

“Pacha’s Pajamas is the children’s book series we’ve all been waiting for—a gift for teachers, parents, and anyone who engages with young people. Aaron Ableman and his all-star team have crafted a heartfelt, inspirational story with unforgettable characters and imagery. Reading the first book, “Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature”, reignited my imagination! Pachas Pajamas is a fun and relevant way of introducing social emotional learning, civic engagement, and environmental literacy to young people—a timeless story that encourage us all to make to make the world a better place.” ~ Meena Srinivasan, author of Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom & Program Manager, Social Emotional Learning & Leadership – Oakland Unified School District

Pacha’s Pajamas will open the minds and hearts of countless children, introducing them to the magic of Mother Nature in her wondrous manifestations as plants, stones, animals—all of  her resplendent forms.  Having a direct glimpse into her core essence, respect for the world that has been entrusted to them—our  future generations—will organically follow. This book is a blessing. A must “read and share” with all you know.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author, Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose

Pacha’s Pajamas presents unheard voices, songs and stories of nature, calling forth empathy for all beings and engaging young people in a conversation about the future. I am excited to share this story about Pacha, a little girl with big dreams, who calls on us all to live our dreams of a world that honors balance, unity and the beauty in all of Nature’s children.” ~ Vandana Shiva, Environmental Leader, Adviser, International Forum on Globalization

Pacha’s Pajamas is a fun, creative and beautiful way to engage children of all ages in helping reconnect with the Earth that is our home and all of the life that we share our home with.  To inspire and re-inspire all people—of all ages—to care for the Earth, each other and all life is vital for our human species to not only survive, but to thrive.  And creativity like Pacha’s Pajamas plays an important role in this, our collective story, and our work.” ~ Julia Butterfly Hill, Tree-Sitter/Author/Co-Founder of The Engage Network

Pacha’s Pajamas is a gentle reminder to us human beings that we too have a responsibility to maintain the balance. By giving voice to the plants and animals, the story create awareness of LIFE beyond the human being.” ~ Mona Polacca, International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers

“This story about a little girl’s dream—where all species unite to support a healthy planet—will play a catalytic role in building our movements for change. Please invite everyone you know to buy this book!” Van Jones, Author, The Green Collar Economy

“I SO LOVE PACHA’S PAJAMAS! What a powerfully inspiring message.”
~ Robin Milam
, Founder of RightsofMotherEarth.com

“A beautiful story for both children and adults to help us all visualize the world that can be.” David Korten, Author, The Great Turning and Agenda for a New Economy

Pacha’s Pajamas is an eloquently written and timely fable that will not only inspire children AND adults to DREAM of a healthier, more sustainable planet, but also inspire them to TAKE ACTION!” ~ Joel Harper, Author, acclaimed children’s book, All the Way to the Ocean

Pacha’s Pajamas is a fun story that will inspire kids to become leaders in promoting greater connection with Nature. What could be more important? Grounded in a deep-time, ecological worldview, this children’s book deserves a wide readership.” ~ Rev. Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution, host of “The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness”

I love Pacha’s Pajamas because of the empowering message it gives children about their future and the environment. I often sense that the children I speak to shut down a little when they hear of environmental calamities. But this engaging story of a sweet but strong heroine coming together in song with the animal kingdom is of great value in helping kids feel able to affect their world. My own children immediately gravitated towards the cover and had questions about Pacha. The story speaks to their need for an environmental hero, and they quickly saw themselves in her. I am also very excited to have the Pacha’s Pajamas CD and book as a tool in reaching out to my patients about the importance of nature in their lives. As a pediatrician, I understand the accumulating scientific evidence that kids must get outdoors and into nature for their health. How to get them there is always the dilemma. Artists and entertainers are invaluable partners in the healer’s quest to engage kids in the natural world.” ~ Nooshin Razani, Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Oakland

“Pacha’s Pajamas is a wonderful illustration showing how self-care is tied to earth care. The story introduces kids to not only self-awareness but also earth awareness.  Kids, teachers, parents and guardians alike will be instantly charged with becoming ambassadors of the world to help make it a healthier and better place to live.” ~ Marcus Lorenzo Penn, M.D., C.Y.T., Holistic Physician, Self Care Coach, Health/Wellness Consultant