Reviews for A Story Written By Nature

Below are reviews for the Pacha’s Pajamas platform itself as well as for Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature Vol. 1and Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature Vol. 1 & 2. We have also received a lot awards and testimonials.

The Pacha’s Pajamas Platform
“When you look at franchises such as Sesame Street or Dora, you see how powerful they can be in educating by entertaining. However, that’s an incredibly difficult balance to strike and every aspect of it has to line up. When I was introduced to Pacha’s Pajamas, the franchise potential of this engaging Nature-focused children’s property was so obvious. The multi-cultural, global resonance and the diversity of artists involved set this up to be the new form of uplifting children’s entertainment. It ranks amongst the highest caliber of product out there in this genre and should get a great deal of recognition. The theme, the execution and the passion of its creators make Pacha’s Pajamas and its important message is something that everyone should support.” ~ Ron Roecker, 20-Year Entertainment Industry Vet; former VP Comms & Artist Relations GRAMMY Awards for six years; CEO and Chief Brand Navigator, Enfluence Group

Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature Vol. I & 2

  • My kids really enjoyed listening to the story and music, and it led to a lot of conversations about nature, environmental sustainability, recycling/reusing and other things we as a family can do to help the planet ~ Tara Sayers

  • Today I was totally enlightened by listening to Pacha’s Pajamas, an absolutely enlightening musical story that every child and adult can relate to. This Showcases 30 amazing kids, many of whom have amazing stories (e.g., Lil JaXe stutters when he talks but not when he raps, Amanda Raya is blind, Avalon Theisen started an environmental organization to protect frogs at 9 years old). The album is truly special and magical, but really, they are all so inspiring and send such a wonderful message to kids from 1-99 in my book.  I am actually going to order a few more of these CD’s to give to each of my grand kids. They love to listen to music and what  a perfect gift it is going to be. It was hard for me to concentrate on work, I kept looking outside wanting to go ride a merry go round and just sing with the kids! ~ Nana’s Deals and More

  • Inspired by Aaron’s Ableman’s book Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature, Vol. 1 & 2 is a double CD children’s album of positive and inspirational music for children and young adults. Mos Def, Cheech Marin and youth rapper Bentley Green are among the contributors to this eclectic blend of pop culture fun, education and character building, created not only to entertain but also to encourage young people to make the world a better place than they found it! Highly Recommended. Children’s Bookwatch January 2014, Midwest Book Review

  • I love to inspire my children as well as any child and what better way to do that then through Storytelling, Song, and Dance! This is just an all around wonderful CD. What an inspiration to children on so many levels. This would be great for a classroom to have. I think it’s amazing. This CD includes Volume 1 & 2. Great for Christmas or birthday gift. ~ My Springfield Mommy

  • Now this double album is out of this world–literally. Not only are we treated to storytelling by artists like Mos Def, Cheech Marin, Bentley Green and others, we listen to children inspire to change the world through storytelling, song and dance on “Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature.” The albums are transcendant. When I hear this, I sing it over and over again. And then again. A just can’t stop. A “must buy” album for your inner child or a child you love. ~ John Shelton Ivany of

  • Pasha’s Pajamas is an awesome hip hop musical featuring artists such as Mos Def and Cheech Main.  Not only does it have great music kids can get in to, it also teaches kids to expand their imaginations and follow their dreams.  The story completely comes to life and draws you into nature, making you aware of some of today’s important issues. What a fun way to learn and get the kids off the couch! ~ Jenn’s Review Blog

  • Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature Vol. 1 & 2 will teach children to use their imagination. The CD has Mos Def, Cheech Marin and 12-Year-Old Rap Star Bentley Green! This is an amazing CD. Perfect for kids of all ages. As I was listening to this I was blow away at how good it was. ~ Oh My Goodies

  • Rose had the opportunity to review Pacha’s Pajamas Volumes 1 and 2. She absolutely adored it! She listened to it completely through one night before bed and 2 nights after that! This CD captured her attention through the music and storytelling! I would highly recommend this for children who love to listen to music and storytelling – it will capture their attention as well! ~ Coupon Savvy Sarah

  • I was inspired by the catchy lyrics, upbeat tempo and positive message of each song. There is depth, thought, and amazing talent that went into the creation of each song. My son enjoyed bouncing to the music as well. He loved the rapping/R&B rhythms. ~ Saving Said Simply

  • Callan loves this CD. He even listens to it at night! Pretty cool. ~ Hanging Off the Wire

  • I love learning about fun ways to share stories with my daughter. This collection consists of stories written by nature, and offer an amazing experience for your child but also for yourself. ~ SoCal Coupon Mommy

  • Pacha’s Pajamas definitely gets the MomMomOnTheGo seal of approval. Both CDs in the 2 disc set are full of music that will keep your kids grooving. My Little One, who is 6, loves Pacha’s Pajamas. She loves the second CDs focus on nature and things like elephants and frogs, but the first cd is just as awesome. We listened to it over a few car rides. It is a popular cd for in our car now and on the iPod. :) ~ Mom Mom on the Go

  • Children will love this wonderful collection of inspiring songs based upon the environment and wanting to make our world a better place.  The music is upbeat, catchy and fun to listen to! ~ A Happy Hippy Mom

  • This thematic children’s CD is filled with a wonderful message of hopes and dreams and captures the emotions of both parents and kids alike. It features artists such as Lyrics Born and Cheech Marin and Mos Def. Pachas Pajamas is a hip hop musical with an inspirational, almost spiritual, message to kids telling them to follow their dreams. The narrative is fun to follow and the music is full of dance, hip hop and rap. It preaches love, peace, dreams and Momma Earth. We think Michael Franti would be the perfect addition to this uplifting collection of songs! A big thumbs up!I was very honored to review this fantastic children’s CD. Pacha’s PJ’s includes so many wonderful themes for children and adults. Environmental, economic, and social equality, dreams and transformation, family, species awareness, corporate pollution and control, and many, many more. Pacha meanders through entertaining, interesting, educational, and emotional interactions as she holds the Pacha Jamma nature festival.The music is just excellent. There are so many talented artists young and old, new and established participating. They must have been so moved that a children’s CD could be so indepth and creative. Their work really takes the reader through the experience of being there with all the animals and how elaborate they are described and how realistic they come to life. It is a great start to really help kids become aware of very important issues in our times and to get them off the couch and out into nature. I will highly recommend this CD to many of the parents and teachers I know to spread the word of Pacha’s Pajamas. ~Academic’s Choice Awards

  • We absolutely feel that from start to end Pacha’s Pajamas was absolutely amazing. Everything blended so nicely with the songs. I loved the voices I heard in the stories. The music felt catchy. The one thing I really like is that each song/story have a lesson to teach the kids. These are all positive lessons and I believe this will inspire many kids in many ways. My two favorite songs were Magical Pajamas and Stormy Weather. We listened to this CD a little bit each day during our circle time. There were times the kids asked me to back up and we listened to the stories again and again. I was very amazed that my kids took to the CD as I wasn’t sure who would be more interested, them or me. You have to listen closely to each story. As you listen it’s like the stories come alive in your mind. I guess you can say the imagination comes alive. ~ Super Mommy To The Rescue

  • I have been a fan of this cd since the first time that I listened to it. My daughters have enjoyed it as well. My girls absolutely love to dance. They are dancing every time any music comes along. The Pacha’s Pajamas 2-set CD has been a great hit for our family. The songs are all up beat and lots of fun for little bodies to dance to. I also am impressed that each song is inspring and fun for people of all ages to dance to. ~ Have Sippy Will Travel

  • I threw the CD in my car and we’ve been listening to it every time we go anywhere. My boys love this CD! The songs are upbeat and catchy. The words are easy enough to pick up so, even my three-year-old has memorized the songs quickly. The CD is a story about Nature, so the song titles include butterflies, coyotes, horses, elephants and more! Even my husband, who is not a huge fan of children’s music, enjoyed listening to the songs on this CD. Score! I’m so excited I found a CD our family can enjoy over and over. ~ The IE Mommy

  • The song “We are all Connected” sang by 12 year old Bentley Green. It is very catchy, upbeat and fun. I think kids will enjoy it.  I know that we did. And I love that a 12 year old is behind that voice amazing! ~ Living At the Whitehead Zoo

  • These days my kids have been obsessed with music and dancing, so the Pacha’s Pajamas 2-set CD couldn’t have come at a better time! Each song is catchy and up beat and incredibly fun to dance to. Plus, I love how each song is so inspiring and great for all ages! ~ Take It From Me

  • The songs allows kids to comprehend some important topics and gives them a way to express their own concerns about the planet. It has already inspired some great dinner conversations in our home! I would recommend this album to all families and educators.  Adults will love the values it promotes and Kids will have a blast rockin’ out with nature. ~ Learning and Growing the Piwi Way

  • Your kids will enjoy hours of wonderful soothing music and learn about the environment as well… My grandson spent hours grooving to the beat and stomping his feet. Your child will also! ~ Parenting With Purpose

  • We take our son to a weekly music class on Saturday mornings. It is a great opportunity for us to do something together as a family, plus music has been instrumental in motivating him to talk more clearly and to learn new things such as counting and patterns.   We love to encourage him.  We recently started listening to “Pacha’s Pajamas”, a 2-CD set that is fantastic. He loves the fun music that captures his imagination.  We definitely recommend this set! ~ Trendy Mom Reviews

  • It is a very eclectic collection of stories and music wrapped together to make fun songs that helps teach valuable lessons. ~ Save More Spend Less with Heidi

Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature Vol. I

  • I will admit that when I first learned of this CD it was exciting because of the names that were connected to it.  I will probably just need to start listing them: Talib Kweli, Lester Chambers, Cheech Marin, Majora Carter and Mos Def (which, sorry, my nerd side knows his rapping skills, but it’s his work as Ford Prefect in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ – great book, too – that made me love him).  Plus you can’t forget what really makes this CD is a youth choir with 11 children singers from the US and Canada that have put their heart and soul singing a soundtrack about making our world a better place.  It intrigued me because I have a similar passion about inspiring kids to go outside, use their imagination and engage in their personal learning and growth as well as being an active community member.  Why not get excited about that?!? ~ Momma’s Bacon

  • From start to finish Pachas Pajamas is an amazing collection of stories and music. The songwriting and overall storyboard messages– world class, all consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair, and signature groove. Note for note, song for song there isn’t really weak piece on this entire catalog with respect to the overall messages. The writing and playing abilities and sampling of all the behind the scenes players is rock solid. The melodies and harmonies are well crafted, and the narration is effective and on point. At the end of the Day, A Story written by Nature Volume 1 is sure to be a hit and inspire kids… ~ Indie Music Digest

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