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The Story in Three Acts

Act 1: Into the Dream
Pacha is a young girl with an imagination bigger than the Andes Mountains, homeland of her ancestors. Pacha is teased and bullied about being the “Nature Girl” at school. Pacha’s parents console Pacha after an asthma attack with a pair of hand-woven pajamas. Pacha goes to sleep with her old gorilla mask in her PJs pocket. Transported to a magical world, she watches a hummingbird save a whale from suffocating on a piece of plastic. Pacha listens while a whale, a hummingbird, a jaguar, a tree and a pebble lament the impact of climate change on their homes and families. Pacha realizes that the Planet Earth is sick, and like her, has problems breathing.

A mushroom pops out of the ground yelling wildly about changing the world! Pacha, startled by the mushroom’s sudden appearance, slips from from her hiding place in the Tree’s branches and falls onto a clandestine meeting into the grasses below! Unbeknownst to Pacha, this other meeting is organized by the fiendish Mr. Tick, who is trying to create a new group that supports the growth of humans and creatures that are benefiting from humanity’s expanding ecological footprint.

Scared of revealing her human identity to a group of upset animals, Pacha puts on her gorilla mask and joins the other creatures. Each character debates what, if anything, they should do to stop the destruction of their homes. The stress causes Pacha to have another asthma attack, which makes the group realize that they actually share a common crisis – they are all sick of being sick!

Act 2: PACHA JAMMA, in honor of Pachamama
Pacha’s questions inspire the mushroom to propose a nature festival to unite the species of the earth and create an cross-species platform for change. They decide to move forward with PACHA JAMMA, a concert of all species to heal the planet. Each organizer spreads the word about the festival in their own biome. No one wants the immense responsibility of being the director of the Action Stages (where teams of species will come together to work on specific issues such as deforestation, amphibian die-off and poaching). In a secret ballot, Pacha is selected to be the director of the Action Stages, and therefore must also speak at the opening of the event.

Pacha’s welcome speech starts out well, but she angers a wild boar who bullies her off the stage. While recovering in a nearby tidal pool, a friendly shark brings her a bottle containing a cryptic message. Pacha and the Hummingbird head to the computing center for PACHA JAMMA, where they monitor the Action Stages for unusual activity.
Pacha uses her ingenuity and help from the animals to unscramble the message, and realizes the Jungle Stage will be attacked by mind-controlling wasps! Pacha races to the primates to warn them of the attack, and they discuss strategies. Pacha is worried that the jewel wasps will turn the primates into “zombies” and goes for help.

While she races back to the mainstage, a rain storm hits PACHA JAMMA. The creatures scramble to find shelter! Grandpa Bear leads Pacha, Platypus, bear cubs and a friendly-snake into the mountains to find a cave for the night. Unable to sleep in a cave full of snoring animals, Pacha and the Platypus wander off. The accidentally discover Mr. Tick in his board room, talking about preventing future PACHA JAMMAs, which confirms Pacha’s suspicion that Mr. Tick and his allies are trying to keep everything the same. Platypus trips, waking up a sleeping wasp. Pacha and the Platypus escape in a mad sprint back to their sleeping quarters!

Act 3: Trials and Triumph
Feeling overwhelmed, Pacha stays up all night considering how to stop the wasps. She calms herself. When Pacha sees that the storm has destroyed the stadium in the morning, she sings a soft lullaby that inspires a giant orchestra of frogs, toads and birds. The rising sun and song calms all beings and the creatures rebuild the stadium with fervor. Pacha wants to join in the happiness, but she is still concerned about Mr. Tick’s brain-controlling wasp attack.

Pacha gathers a team but they don’t know what to do. Over night, Pacha remembers wisdom from her grandmother and comes up with a plan to “use what they got” to thwart Mr. Tick’s wasp attack on the Jungle Stage. Despite the odds, the plan works.

Pacha heads to the mainstage as a hero. As she prepares for her final performance backstage, Mr. Tick threatens to reveal Pacha as a human but Pacha flicks him away. She dances into the spotlight to roars from the crowd, and throws off her mask, shocking the audience. She addresses the crowd with newfound strength and authenticity. All of nature sings a song of upliftment! Laughing herself awake, Pacha dances joyfully across her bedroom.

As time passes, Pacha is excited by the newfound understanding of herself and her relationship to the world. She feels stronger than ever in her body and mind, and is less prone to asthma attacks. One day, Pacha is picking up trash in a nearby park in her neighborhood when some cool kids (who used to bully her) litter right in front of her. She speaks up and schools them on the impacts of trash and pollution in the natural world. The kids realize they all share the same dream!

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