Milo McFly

Hey world! This Miles McAliley also known as the Milo McFly. I am excited and eager to do what I can to better our world. I am thrilled that I now have the opportunity to reach the world. As a Pacha’s performer, I will be communicating with you on a regular basis. Here’s a little background story of my life, so that you all can understand how “Milo McFly” came to be.

I have been writing, recording and performing Hip Hop music since the early age of ten. Even prior to me rapping, I was always a huge fan of Hip Hop/Rap music. I was originally a dancer. My father danced so I started out by following his footsteps. I later realized dancing was not for me. I then began writing raps with my best friend. He lived across the street so some of my best childhood memories were looking both ways, crossing the street and then working on music with my friend, Sage. We had so much fun. We wrote positive raps that got adults to take us seriously. I remember being so excited because we had back-to-back shows.

The first show was at Delicious Vinyl records ( and the second was on stage at the final mile of the 2010 LA Marathon. Although we only had one song, we rapped our hearts out both days, and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. As I grew, I began writing my own music as well. When Sage left to go to boarding school, I officially became a solo artist.

Music has become so much more than just a hobby to me. I now use it as a tool to improve the world. I try to write music that benefits others. I aim to educate and encourage others to make rational decisions and to care about our planet. I am extremely excited about the future of Pacha’s Pajamas. I totally agree with the message they are sharing with the world. I see a bright future for our partnership. We are going to change the world with the power of good music.

Our first project was the “Common Knowledge Remix”. Aaron Ableman and I came together with via email and skype to write together despite being hundreds of miles apart. I think it is just incredible the way we used the power of modern technology. We had not worked on the song face-to-face prior to shooting the music video. By the time they came to my hometown, Los Angeles, we had both memorized all of our parts and were ready to shoot. As you can see in the video, I brought along some of my close friends to be a part of the group scenes. It was challenging getting people to come out because the shooting took place on Super Bowl Sunday. The few friends that didn’t decline because of the game, showed true friendship and helped to make my debut as a Pacha kid special.

It was such a great feeling knowing I was going to be heard. I’ve been on a quest to have my music heard for a long time now, and that video was the first big step towards my dream. I was so pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the video. I had fun promoting and sharing it with all of my friends, but I had no idea that we would get so many views or likes. I was afraid to see what people would think about me, as I read the comments, but I was so relieved to see no signs of anything negative whatsoever. I am really proud of both myself and the Pacha’s Pajamas team for making such an inspirational piece of art. This is the first of many to come. We are going to have lots of fun.