Doctors: Request a FREE copy of the Pacha’s Pajamas album and book

One early December afternoon, BALANCE’s Aaron Ableman received a Facebook message from an old friend from high school: “I’ve been following Pacha and admire the work you are doing. I work at Highland Hospital in Oakland and we are gathering some holiday gifts for the children at the Pediatric Clinic. We have plenty of gifts and books but if you’re interested in coming to do a live performance or donating some Pacha music, I think it would be a wonderful promotion for you and a beautiful gift for low income youth. Let me know if you are interested.”

We know that music can be transformative in a child’s development, which was the inspiration for the song I Found My Music on the Pacha’s Pajamas album. In our research for the song, we discovered a radio ad for Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive campaign that exalts music’s therapeutic effects. In the ad, Kaiser encourages us to expand our playlists and play music often, noting that studies show music can reduce depression and anxiety, calm us down and offer relief from chronic pain.

We also discovered that hospitals all around the country are incorporating the powerful, therapeutic, healing benefits of stories in their hospitals, as entertainment, pain diversion, and for a calming effect.

“Patients and families love listening to stories… and for a minute, they can leave the hospital bed, hospital room or that pain… and can be taken away.” ~ Tom Tull, Assistant Vice President, Washington County Operations and Guest Services, Mountain States Health Alliance


Our Imagination Heals program brings the healing power of music and stories to children at a time when they need it most — when they are hospitalized. Through the program, corporate sponsors and foundations purchase and donate Pacha’s Pajamas albums and books to Children’s Hospitals. The program also brings live interactive shows and celebrities to children in hospitals.

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