Meal Time Will Never Be the Same!

In Foodlandia, Pacha and her younger brother Paco visit a dreamworld where everything is made out of food. There are white bread neighborhoods and wheat bread neighborhoods, some over-salted and others sugar-coated. The emperor Hamburgoni and his minion fries have lanced the cantaloupe sun which is changing the climate. Popsicle mountain is melting and broccoli forest has been charred.

Pacha infiltrates Hamburgoni’s hidden hamlet posing as one of of his many chefs. As she investigates the supply chain for Hamburgoni’s Food Factory, she discovers his plan for a hostile takeover of the World Seed Bank, a vault containing the world’s sacred seeds. The steward of the bank, Dr. Goldenberry, and Paco hack into Harburgoni’s hamlet to remotely open doors and navigate for Pacha. When they lose contact, Paco sets out to find his big sis…

Can Pacha and Paco “save our seeds” and put Hamburgoni on the grill in time for breakfast?

Pacha’s Foodlandia Pajamas

Pacha’s new pajamas for Foodlandia will likely feature the following foods: Coconut, Blueberry, Lettuce, Turnip, Beet, Purple/Blue Corn, Banana, Red Jalapeño, and Carrot.

Help Us Grow Foodlandia

Join the effort to create a groundbreaking platform that will elevate the conversation around healthy food. Foodalndia is an allegory for the worldwide battle for the control of the food system that is underway. Main messages include we are what we eat and that real, traditional, and cultural foods provides a pathway for health on many levels. We collectively have an opportunity to affect the future of food and bring these messages and many more though narrative. We invite luminaries, healthy food companies, and healthy food advocacy organization to join us.


Brand Partners

  • Align the book’s messaging with your Company/brand goals
  • Showcase foods associated with your products/work in the story, fun facts, partner profiles, recipe section, augmented reality, and/or curricula
  • Present brand/product directly to children and parents through 3D animated characters, augmented reality, promotions, product placement, and sponsorship.

Advocacy Partners

  • Align the book’s messaging with your organizational goals
  • Serve your constituency and mission
  • Showcase foods/issues associated with work in the story, fun facts, partner profiles, recipe section, augmented reality, and/or curricula
  • Present your work directly to children and parents through 3D animation, augmented reality, promotions, and sponsorship

Advisory Panel

  • Provide expertise on the messaging and information for use in the story, fun facts, recipe section, and curricula.
  • Provide ideas for the story based on your experience.


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