eBook FAQs

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What is an “eBook” anyhow?
An eBook is an “electronic book” that you don’t read on paper like a regular book but viewed on a computer, mobile device or special electronic reader. Many formats look similar to the regular books we all know and love!

Do I need to buy a special device to read an eBook?
No! While there are many devices like the Amazon Kindle that specialize in reading eBooks, today they can also be read on most personal computers, smart phones, and iPads! You may need to download a FREE eBook reader program/app that so that the eBook format you choose can be viewed correctly on the device you have.

Which eBook format should I choose?
We’ve found these helpful charts to help you find the right format and FREE software for your device of choice.

  1. Getting Started with eBooks: A Beginner’s Guide
  2. eReader Comparison Chart

A few quick FREE .ePub eBook reader software downloads:

What’s so great about eBooks?
Because they are cheaper to make, eBooks are cheaper to buy. As eBooks are digital they are great for travel as you can fit many, many stories on one device and access them anywhere there is a computer, reader or mobile device! Once downloaded, you don’t need an internet connection to read and can view them from multiple devices. eBook aren’t printed on paper (which saves trees) and no pollution is created when they are made.

What is an enhanced eBook?
An enhanced eBook can have more color images, but also frequently has bonus media that a normal book can’t have, including videos to watch and songs to listen to.

What is a printable version?
Adobe’s .pdf (Portable Document Format) printable version of the eBook allows you to print out the eBook on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper (hopefully tree-free or re-used). It can also be viewed on many devices using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What restrictions apply to buying/printing eBooks from BALANCE Edutainment?
The eBooks that are for available on this website are copyrighted by BALANCE Edutainment. When customers download a eBooks they are granted permission to print out/save as many copies as they want for their own personal use. However permission is not granted to change or sell any of the content.

How can I make my own eBook?
There are many online resources available on how to publish an eBook if you are interested in making an eBook of your own.

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