Making a Connected Dance Video

Thank you for agreeing to make a “Connected Dance Video” for Pacha’s Pajamas. We know that you and your kids are going to have a lot of fun.


  • Several or more children who want to do a Connected Dance video
  • A device for playing the song (Device #1)
  • A mobile device for filming (Device #2)
  • A fun location with an appealing background


  1. Teach the kids the Connected Dance using this video
  2. Have the kids practice the Connected Dance with this video
  3. Help the kids decide what they are going to do during the verses. Some sort of freestyle dance, either together or individually will be great.
  4. Once they are able to do the Connected Dance in synch, play the song on Device #1
  5. Using Device #2, film the children doing the Connected Dance on the choruses and freestyle dancing during the verses
  6. Post your video on your blog and/or social media and notify

For more information, contact