Parenting Tips

Entertainment is really inner-trainment. Everything we experience rewires our minds. Most children’s entertainment, unfortunately, is like junk food; it may taste good but it’s making our kids sick.  Recent developments in neuroscience, namely the widespread acceptance of “neuroplasticity,” indicate that everything we experience rewires our brains. Much of this screen time (and pop music) is not providing any educational benefits for their kids. In fact, much of what their children are exposed to (e.g., sexualized music videos, violent video games, product placement and other advertising, rapid scene changes) is detrimental to their child’s brain health and development.

Our advice is for parents is threefold:

  1. Pay attention to your kid’s media diet and get familiar with their favorites

  2. Talk to your children about their media experiences

  3. Provide your children with nutritious children’s entertainment that supports their healthy development

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