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We just won the Academic’s Choice Award & Campaign Update

As you may imagine, it’s been challenging to get folks attention but for us the real campaign begins after Thanksgiving when people start thinking about holiday gift giving.

We want to share with you a holiday happiness tip, some recent developments and also to let you know how you can help us make this campaign fly.

1. Expand your Happiness this Holiday Break
2. Academic’s Choice Award
3. A Mindful Holiday Break
4. New Climate Change Animated Video
5. How you can help

1. Expand your Happiness this Holiday Break 
Look back at the previous few days, how happy were you? If you find that you have a lot to complain about, or you feel that life could be, or should be, so much better – then we want to share with you a practical and inspiring article that will leave you feeling happy for no reason.

2. Academic’s Choice Award
award-smart-media-lg-transWe are excited to report that we just won the Academic Choice’s award. Here is what the reviewer wrote:

“We loved this CD! My boys danced for hours! The message is so amazing. We need more children’s CD’s with messages like this one! I have reviewed a few music CD’s but this one is my favorite. It’s not the same old nursery rhymes with the same old renditions of the songs. Pachas Pajamas is progressive in its message and modern in its sounds. It is essential to teach our children that we are all connected and this CD does it!”- See more at the Award page.

3. A Mindful Holiday Break
When you think of what kids will be doing this holiday break, do you imagine them on screens much of the time – televisions, video games, mobile phones, tablets?

One of the most exciting aspects of our Kickstarter is the Mindful Holiday Break program which (if funded) will provide 2000 books, albums and youth leader card games to kids in the Mindful Life program in Richmond schools right before they leave on Christmas break. The intention is to provide a mindful “non-digital” alternative to the “junk food” entertainment that they otherwise will be getting on television, computers, iPads and iPhones over the break. Through this pilot program, we will survey the kid’s media use so that we can measure the impact of mindful holiday breaks.

Read the blog post on how Aaron and the Executive Director of the Mindful Life Project developed the Mindful Holiday Break program.

Contribute to the Mindful Holiday Break program at our Kickstarter page.

4. New Climate Change Animated Video

A schoolyard daydream transports Pacha to the outback where she meets a breakdancing platypus, MC Plat, whose dream is for the waters to stay cool.

Research published in Global Change Biology predicts that more than 30 percent of current platypus habitat will become too warm for the species by 2070.

Please send all correspondence to info@pachaspajamas.com or call 510 373 3244.

Thank you so much!
Team Pacha

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