Much of what they experience is vapid if not violent, misogynistic, glorifying consumption and addiction. In 75 percent of the TV programs shown during hours when American children are most likely to be watching, the hero either kills people or beats them up. We now know everything we experience rewires our brains. Hence, parents realize that much of this screen time (and pop music) can be detrimental for their kids.

BALANCE produces children’s entertainment that supports the healthy development of today’s children. BALANCE’s audience experiences lessons through immersion in stories of a positive future. All the BALANCE, Inc. brands and products have a common thread—a “Hero’s Journey” meta-narrative for humanity. Pacha’s Pajamas, the Company’ flagship property, is for empowering girls and raising more conscious boys. Pacha is a little girl whose pajamas whisk her off to imaginary worlds where she discovers her true self. When wakes, she uses what she’s learned to bring her dreams into reality.