Join us for an unforgettable experience celebrating the launch of
Pacha’s Pajamas, a Children’s Pop Musical.
Join our interactive global webcast on September 22nd. Mark your calendar and RSVP today.

These amazing performers will be on stage offering a LIVE “Pacha Jamma” festival to bring to life the Nature Festival in the Pacha’s Pajamas book. Hosted by Lyrics Born. Performances by featured artists, celebrity and kid star appearances including Lester Chambers, Ashlie Cortez, A-Natural, Ariana Hernandez, and members of Jazz Mafia.

Or if you can be in San Francisco the weekend of September 22nd, please considering joining us in person for the Album Release Party. Please RSVP today.

Pacha’s Pajamas is a Children’s Pop Musical that inspires kids to be superheroes for the planet. We have a book series, musical soundtrack, content-based App and live performance. The soundtrack Vol 1 is set for release on Sept. 22nd, 2012 and features 55 artists (including 12 kid stars), spanning 4 generations, including Mos Def, Cheech Marin and Ta’kaiya Blaney (as well as a Disney star). The book, the app and the music carry a unique message of overcoming obstacles by reconnecting to one’s dreams and reconnecting to nature.

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