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  • Pacha’s Global Dance Party

    My name is Pacha. I've got fun stories and songs for you and your kids. They inspire kids and motivate them to create the world they want to live in.laurel_wreath with awards green   43sypGet Started Arrow Awards Green

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  • Introducing Milo McFly

    Wassup world!?
    It’s ya boy, Milo McFly. I am just checking in and giving you guys a chance to see what is going on in my life right now.
    I am extremely excited about the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated Pacha’s Pajamas album. My song Nature Superhero witj Lil JaXe and Arriana is one of the lead singles!  Check out the cover video I did for Asher Roth's song Common Knowledge above and click Like.
    Aside from my music, I have had a pretty decent summer. I have been playing a lot of basketball, which is my second true passion. This season was really cool because the teams were named after the countries participating in the Olympics.  My team name was Brazil. I thought that was pretty special and clever of the recreation center.
    Also on my to do list for this summer has been preparation for the next chapter of my life... This year is going to be my first year in HIGH SCHOOL.. I am sooooooo anxious and excited to be taking a BIG step in my educational journey.  I am reviewing my math, reading and making sure to have my head in the game for this upcoming year!
    I am determined to come out of the gate strong and conquer the first semester earning all A’s. With the support of my parents and teachers, along with my focus and organization, I believe i can succeed without a doubt... This is ultimately a message and rule of thumb for EVERYONE... No matter how old, young, tall, short, black, white, or smart you are, if you put your mind to it you can do ANYTHING!!!!
    Yours truly,
    Milo McFly :)
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  • Horses Don’t See Colors (Like People Do)

    In Pacha's Pajamas, a little red paint filly prances and sings "Horses Don't See Colors (Like People Do)." The song features Felecity (aka Little Lissy). Parent's Choice says

    "Horses Don't See Colors (Like People Do)," a moving plea for racial harmony delivered with an infectious country flair ... is one the highlights [of the album]


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  • Imagination Heals Launch Party Rocks!

    The Imagination Heals launch party was held on February 22, 2013 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. The event was hosted by A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehabilitation.

    Imagination Heals brings uplifting children's stories and imagination-based activities to the lives of hospitalized children, helping them enjoy themselves and experience personal growth when they need it most. Our focus is enabling children to creatively and joyfully express themselves as they develop self-confidence, perseverance and resilience. This program has been designed to help patients and families gain practical tools and growth experiences through creative interactions with our Imagination Heals team and materials.

    For more information, see http://imaginationheals.us. Also visit http://pachaspajamas.com

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